• Kompolt

    online charity auction leader.

    Since 2001, Kompolt has been the leader in online charity auctions. We've run more than 500 campaigns, raising over $20 million for good causes, and garnering great PR for MasterCard, eBay, Tanqueray, Kraft, and hundreds of other brands. We also help celebrities like Jay Leno, Warren Buffett, Gwen Stefani and Ellen DeGeneres raise money and awareness for non-profits they care about.

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  • WhatGives

    all about the good stuff.

    At its core, WhatGives!? wants to give you what you and your organization need to do good. We're a consumer-facing blog that sits at the intersection of celebrities, the causes they care about, and the brands that sponsor their campaigns. Here we interview folks who have stories to share - in the hope that you will take some insight and inspiration from what others have to give.

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  • StudioGood

    digital and social media

    StudioGood is our digital and social media group, developing and managing campaigns for brands such as eBay, Best Buy, Fatburger, Comedy Central; and with nonprofits such as GRAMMY Foundation, and UNICEF. Many of our campaigns contain a cause-marketing element as we've found it's a powerful way to generate authentic engagement with consumers.

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  • patron

    integrated cause marketing

    patron is the newest addition to the Causemedia Group family. As an integrated cause marketing agency, we deliver ideas with business & social impact through consulting, creative, and digital services. Our name, patron, refers to the word's dual meaning of contributor or customer, and captures the essence of marketing that does well by doing good.

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